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The mission of Our Lady of the Tear of Joy is under the spiritual direction of a Catholic priest.

Since this miracle occurred and the mission of Our Lady of the Tear of Joy has taken off around “The World,” those who did not know the Memorare prayer, now know it.  Those who said the Rosary on occasion, now say it daily.  Those who didn’t know the importance of Our Lady interceding for us, now have a better understanding why we pray to Her.  There has not been thousands of “Hits”, but now Tens of Thousands of “Hits” on Our Lady’s website of Her Tear of Joy and hence, thousands and thousands of souls are now coming closer to Our Lady.  These are the TRUE MIRACLES, that people are coming closer to Our Lady.  Nothing but “Good Fruits” is coming from this mission of Our Lady of the Tear of Joy.  God Bless to all and enjoy this beautiful miracle story.  Arrow >>>———–>

I would like to introduce to “The World”, Our Lady of the Tear of Joy.  God Bless to all, Arrow >>>———–>

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Our Lady of Tear of Joy


God Bless to all.  Today at the unveiling of the 2 large Canvas Prints of “Our Lady of the Tear of Joy” Fr. Joe Esper did a special Blessing on the 2 most beautiful images of Our Lady of the Tear of Joy.

Just prior to Mass, I met a man by the name of Paul and he proceeded to tell me how back in October he was in the hospital and a nurse who was assigned to him, came in his hospital room gave him the image of Our Lady of the Tear of Joy.  He said the nurse explained to him the full miracle story and how miracles are now occurring with this image of Our Lady of the Tear of Joy and she said “The picture was Blessed by a priest.”  Paul said that same night, in the middle of the night, Our Lady appeared to him in his hospital room and Our Lady did not say anything to him, Our Lady simply stood at the foot of his bed smiling at him.  Paul went onto say that, “Because of that nurse giving me the picture of Our Blessed Mother and this happening to me, that is why I came back to the church.”  Paul – New Baltimore Michigan

I then received a very long email from a man by the name of Anthony and he was present for the unveiling of the 2 large Canvas Prints of Our Lady of the Tear of Joy.  Anthony went onto to say how he went home and showed his wife the image of Our Lady of the Tear of Joy and his wife told him that she had seen this woman before.  Anthony’s wife has had numerous surgeries over the last two years and they had to bring in a special hospital bed in their home just for her sleep comfort.  Anthony said that two weeks ago, his wife woke up in the middle of the night and saw a woman kneeling at her bedside.  The woman did not say anything, she simply was kneeling right next to her at her bedside.  Anthony states that as soon as he showed his wife the image of Our Lady of the Tear of Joy, she told him “I saw her.”  Anthony went onto say how they prayed the Memorare prayer on the back of the prayer card of Our Lady of the Tear of Joy and then his wife kissed Our Lady’s image and placed the image of the left side of her cheek.   Anthony – Anchorville Michigan

Hello Arrow.  Anthony S. from Solomons.  I have a bunch of those beautiful cards of Our Lady.  I want to share a few stories that I have experienced in the last week.  I was told to contact you by Sara Ryan.  Last week I had a bad cold all in the head and was suffering for about three days.  At that time on the fourth day I felt the cold started to move down into my lungs and I was determined not to let that happen because of the complications.  I took the Blessed card of Our Lady and put it to my heart and chest and said the prayer.  After I said the prayer, I knew that the beginning of the cold going and starting to take hold in my chest had now gone away, and also a short while later I realized that the head cold had completely dissipated also.  I was really grateful for the Blessing from The Blessed Mary.   The next thing that happened was today.  I have a daughter who I have not seen for a number of years and always praying for a change.  Not long ago I got a hold of a new updated photograph of her, which I found on one of my apps on my phone, quite by accident….  most likely not an accident… but I decided to put the Blessed Picture together with her updated picture.  I placed the  Blessed Picture on top of her picture and said the prayer which was facing me at that time.  I asked for a healing in her heart and a return to the church, and all good blessings for her and her son, who has autism.  I also put the Blessed picture on top of another picture which has myself, my sister and my deceased brother.  I placed the picture over each face in the picture and said the prayer and asked for the indulgences for their particular situation and their family.  I then took the picture and put it on my forehead to bless myself for what is ailing me at this time.  As I put the picture on my forehead it was noticeable warm, and it was not room temperature, and I had only placed the picture together and that was it.  I feel in my heart that my prayers were answered as the Blessed Picture of Our Lady was indeed warm against my forehead, indicating in my heart that Blessed Mary was already answering the prayers, as other people have felt a warm feeling go through their bodies when they were healed.  I have full confidence that this was because this was the Blessed Mary bringing about a Tear of Joy to my particular situation and the families situation.  I hope this is useful for your mission. they are not big events, but close to home, where It becomes evident to us that there is a blessing that has happened.  Sincerely  Anthony S. – Solomons – New York  Use it to your best use.

A MIRACLE FOR A 2 year old most precious little girl !!!
My name is Renee…. and I am from Michigan.
I am writing this beautiful story with great joy in my heart.BACKGROUNDWhen I was younger age 11- through 14 I was diagnosed with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis . After my parents explored all options through the arthritis foundation they were then introduced to the charismatic healing masses by my dear relatives Living in Canada….. so my whole family once a month would go to the healing masses…. for those of you that know father Sam From Canada I have had conversation with him and we do both believe he must have prayed over me at one of these healing masses 40 years ago. So the story continues… yes I had received healing from the Holy Spirit and my doctors could not believe I was no longer going into a wheelchair and that my hands were not crippled any longer.THE PARTY

So back in September 2018 I decided to have a birthday party for the Blessed mother on September 8th…… I had already had all the blue decorations and for some reason 59 blue and white balloons ( enough to make a rosary out of) and I ordered a special cake along with Mediterranean food just for OUR LADY.
The guest we’re very diversified…. all week prior to the party OUR LADY was giving me an Exclusive invitation list ( not the usual people I would have invited ).

The music ministry John and Rene provided beautiful songs of Mary and even a HAPPY BIRTHDAY SONG before blowing out candles!!


Well , here’s the BEST part…. my cousins granddaughter Alyssa a two year old was at the party. SHE WAS DIAGNOSED WITH idiopathic juvenile arthritis ….I invited her mom Julie and she brought Alyssa knowing this was a special party and knowing about my healing as a child.

Allysa helped blow out the the candles on OUR LADYS CAKE( pictured below ).

We prayed over her and asked Our Lady Tear of Joy to intercede for her physical condition.

It was weeks later when I felt the urge to text Julie her mom…. I was overjoyed at what she was saying about Allysa!!!She said she saw signs of great improvement in her daughter immediately following the party that very week!!

Word was getting around and I had spoken to my uncle who is Alyssa‘s grand father and he said it’s a miracle she dances she’s happy…. she’s definitely different and doing physical things she didn’t do before. For my uncle to say it’s a miracle believe me it is!!

So I asked Arrow if he could bring the original image of our lady tear of joy to Allysa’s home.
When I went to pray over her with anointed oil and the image she rested peacefully in the Holy Spirit in my arms( A 2 year old resting!!).
She wasn’t afraid she didn’t cry for her mom, she barely moved.

Immediately afterwards she started dancing in her kitchen and kissing the image of OUR LADY TEAR of JOY.
Her mom Julie informed me that they haven’t had to give her the pain medicine and that she was only receiving the weekly injection… and to this day no pain medication.

The doctors saw major improvements!! I believe after visiting and talking to her mom Julie that a complete full healing is on the way .So please pray for this Beautiful little angel who had healing immediately after the party for Our Lady on September 8th 2018.

In the picture below Alyssa was blowing out the candles of our ladies cake and I didn’t notice till weeks later when I zoomed in that she had put three pink rosaries around her neck. Her mother stated she didn’t remember her even doing that… but Our Lady was watching the whole time.


I know OUR LADY Tear of Joy interceded for this miracle!!

There were other miracles that day also, some were instant … and some came later.

I can’t wait to see what OUR LADY will do next … she is a truly a mother who wants to see her children healed and will go to her son our loving Savior and make Her request known.




This is Steve –  The Ohio computer guy

In July of 2018, I received a call from a colleague that I have known for nearly 40 years. Normally the call is very jovial with lots of laughs and talking about all the fun stuff that we have done.

This call was very different.  When I answered the phone, I got a very somber version of Mike that I rarely hear. He said “Steve I have bad news – I am not doing too well.” Mike went on to tell me that ten days earlier at a doctor appointment that was prompted by a backache from playing racquetball – the doctors found cancer in my body. I remember Mike saying “ Steve it is not a tiny area it’s all over, my brain, my legs, my liver its everywhere.” He continued by saying ”its stage four melanoma cancer and there are some treatments but the outlook is not good.”

Being great friends, Mike shared that I was one of the first ones he called. He told me he was in shock and wasn’t in the mood to talk to many – he went on to say his wife Deb and kids were just stunned by the whole thing. Newly retired, new grandkids, new house on the lake – has everything and now this.

I got off the phone and told my wife Liz about the news – she too was shocked. I googled the topic and read that few people survive this.  After a short time, Liz says to me “when are you leaving to see him?” She knew exactly what I was thinking.

I figured since Mike’s time was short I had one opportunity to do this. So on August 7th, off I went on my 700 mile round trip to see him. I had a very nice dinner with him and Deb and after dinner I started to share the mission Arrow and I have been on since September 8th, 2017. For the next 4 hours we talked about the power of Our Lady and Her ability to intercede for us. They heard the whole story and all the miracles. We prayed the Memorare holding Our Lady’s image and Mike was anointed with Our Lady’s Tears.  Armed with miraculous medals and rosaries touched by Our Lady in Medjugoje – Mike and Deb felt like they had a place to turn for help. And they did just that.

About two weeks later Mike called me and he sounded better. In fact, he said “can you send me more rosaries and medals? ” He went on to say.”  I have been sharing this story and the story is so amazing that grown men are brought to tears when I tell him about your visit and mission.”

The following month I get a text from his wife Deb and she tells me the treatment is taking a toll on Mike. His emotions are like a roller coaster and he is sleeping a lot. We agree that we need to keep praying. I asked the Michigan rosary group, people in the Philippines and others for help. I started to fast twice a week for the intention of his healing and during weekly adoration asked Jesus for help. Even in my absence his name was written in the rosary petition book.

And then things change. In September Debbie sends me a note. His test results are suddenly moving in the other direction. In fact, the doctors are a little surprised. She writes:

Omg!!!!  Great News!! We are at the hospital and all of Mike’s labs came back and most of his numbers have improved substantially. They said the treatment has already started to work in his system.  The Dr was so happy and was hugging us and even called in his other Oncologist that shook Mike’s hand. This has been the very first time in 2 months that we received good news. Just hearing that he is responding so quickly to these drugs is a miracle. All of those prayers are helping him – thank God and thank Mother Mary!!

In October Debbie writes me the following update:

Steve – those prayers ALL work and are being heard and I’m so incredibly grateful to you. As I told Kari today about her dad’s good report she said to make sure I let YOU know right away because you’ve truly made an impact on our family with your faith and giving us hope. The message you gave us Steve has truly changed the way I pray. I feel like I pray so much more deeply and I feel like I have a true connection with Mother Mary. When I got the news today, I went outside and cried and instantly thanked Mother Mary. When I pray it’s not like I’m reciting a prayer but truly talking to her. It’s a wonderful feeling and it’s because of you. I talk to Mike a lot about praying and I believe he’s finding more comfort from doing so. I love the book that Liz sent because each day I read that days verse to Mike. I went out and bought that same book this week to send to a friend of mine who has cancer. I just wanted you to know what you have done for both of us and how truly grateful we are to have you as a dear dear friend. And then she sends me this image of Mike in the hospital. And says we take her with us where ever we go!


And then theNovember update comes:

“Another update on Mike – we got the best news yet. His brain scan and Pet scan results were truly unbelievable. The Dr said he is 90-95{e5f6cb98aa570286f4fa6ed11bbf80f649193fed0274b1a3612ae9a747289dab} cancer free and that she has never had a patient respond so well to the Immunotherapy as Mike has. He does have a spot in his liver that she wants to have a biopsy on just to make sure it is melanoma and not another type of cancer – she’s not very worried about it and believes that the monthly Immunotherapy treatment he continues to get will take care of it. We are all so relieved and ecstatic at this wonderful news and extremely grateful to God and Mother Mary for giving us this second chance at life. Like the Dr said – this is your Christmas miracle!! 
In December Mike enjoys his daughter’s wedding especially the father daughter dance:


January26th update from Mike:

Your prayers have had a real impact Steve. I received a call from my oncologist after hours yesterday. She was ecstatic. Told me that the results from the body scan that I had on Tuesday were in and it appeared that my cancer was virtually gone. Unbelievable!!!
Thanks for your continuing thoughts and prayers Steve. Mother Mary has interceded. What a blessing. Trying to figure out why me?  To be determined!
Love you Steve!

Thank You Mother Mary!





Bless to all.  I have been on the phone twice with a man by the name of Phil Wayes from East Stroudsburg Pennsylvania.  We spoke briefly yesterday and a great deal of time on the phone today.  After speaking with him, I asked him could I use his full name for this miracle story and share it with the world and he said, “Sure, whatever you think is important, it’s all true.”  Here is the sequence of events of how this miracle occurred and how I was informed about it.  Mike Stanton from Lakeville Connecticut called me on Tuesday (January 1st, 2019) and said, “Arrow, your going to be getting a phone call from a guy from Pennsylvania.  I gave him your phone number and the Blessed Mother appeared to him 7 years ago and he just saw the miracle image of Our Lady of the Tear of Joy on my face book site.  I posted the miracle story on my face book page and he saw Our Lady’s image of Our Lady of the Tear of Joy.  This guy is adamant this photo of Our Lady is the Blessed Mother who appeared to him.

So yesterday (Wednesday), myself and Steve were driving up to Michigan to say the Rosary with the usual Wednesday group that meets at 7pm.  I get a call from Phil and Steve was able to hear the call with it being on my blue tooth speaker in my car and he can confirm this.  In short, this is what Phil said.  He had a skiing accident in February 2011 breaking his neck, fracturing vertebrates 4, 5 & 6 and trauma to his arm.  He was in a neck brace and during the night of July 3rd, 2011, he saw a “Very Beautiful Woman” standing in his bedroom and he said, “I knew it was the Blessed Mother.”  He spoke briefly more with myself and Steve arriving at the Rosary.  I told him briefly about myself, on how I look into apparitions of Our Lord and Our Lady for the past now 25 years.  And just prior to hanging up with him, Phil said this and he was very emotional, crying as he said, “Please tell these visionaries that you know, tell them to tell the Blessed Mother for me, I Love Her!!”  He went onto to say that he is Methodist, but goes to daily Mass with his wife who is Catholic and he has not missed going to Mass for the last 17 years.  He does not receive Jesus in the Eucharist, but goes up for a blessing each time.  I write this part, because Phil was very emotional on the phone that it was Our Lady that appeared to him after seeing Our Lady’s image of “Her Tear of Joy.”
So, today I called Phil back and got a more detail account and we were on the phone for a very long time.  He is Methodist, but yet goes to Holy Mass with his wife who is Catholic and he has not missed Mass in 17 years and during communion, he goes up to get a Blessing from the priest.  He broke his neck in a skiing accident as described above.  He was in a special neck brace of course and he could only lay flat.  During the middle of the night of July 3rd, 2011, he saw a “Very Beautiful Woman” appear to him in his bedroom.  He said and I quote, “She simply stood there and said Nothing.”  He went onto say, “I knew it was Our Blessed Mother.”  Phil said, “She is beautiful, She is so very beautiful.  There was like a slight breeze and Her hair and Her mantle was blowing from the breeze.  She is so beautiful!”  Phil went onto say, “I felt like I was being healed.  My whole body tingled, I have never felt that type of peace before.  I knew I was healed.”  And after this, he started to improve.
Phil said that he saw Mike’s face book post and saw Our Lady’s image of, “Our Lady of the Tear of Joy.”  Phil went onto say, “When I saw Our Lady’s picture, I said to myself, That’s Her!!  That’s who I saw!!  I thought about it all day and why would She appear to me.”  Phil said that he then called Mike and told him that the picture of Our Lady of the Tear of Joy, is the face of Our Blessed Mother who appeared to him in his bedroom.  Phil said, Our Lady simply stood there, saying nothing and Phil told me and I quote, “I kept rubbing my eye’s to see if I was imagining it and each time I would rub my eye’s and I would look up, She was still there.  This lasted what seemed like a very long time.  Then at day break and the sun came in through the window, She simply disappeared.”
Phil went onto say, “Then in November of 2011, I went to Medjugorje with Mike Stanton, Wayne Weible and a group of people.  Where we were staying at in Medjugorje, we could see the top of Mount Cross.  I was told that Our Blessed Mother is always at the top of Mount Cross between 5:30am and 6am.  So, at 3:30am, I went to the lobby thinking other people would make the climb with me, but I went by myself.  I climbed Mount Cross and saw nobody going up, nor coming down and I was all by myself.  I got to the top and was at the Cross at 5:30am.  I was by myself and it was so very peaceful.  I then climbed down and made my way back to where we were staying.  The group was standing around and asking me if I saw Our Lady.  They proceeded to tell me that at 5:30am they saw a beam of light come down from the sky to the cross and this was the exact time that I was there.”  Phil told me and this was before he climbed Mount Cross, “I was walking around Medjugorje and I said to myself, okay My Lady, give me a sign if that was you”, making reference to Her appearing to him in his room.  Phil said that he has also been to the Vatican and to the tomb of St. Peter since his healing.
Phil said that when they were in Medjugorje, they went to the village of Tihaljina to the church of St. Elijah’s.  In this church is the Statue of Our Blessed Mother and Phil said this was the closet image of Our Lady that he could find, but when he saw the image of Our Lady of the Tear of Joy, he said, “That’s Her!!”  NOTE: For those who have been to Medjugorje, Phil is making reference to the church in Tihaljina which is a few miles outside of Medjugorje where the statue of Our Blessed Mother is located that a lot of people talk about.  Phil again said how he saw Mike’s post of the story of Our Lady of the Tear of Joy and he again told me, “That’s Her, That’s who I saw!!”  He again went onto say how so “Very Beautiful She is.”  Phil said that a priest told him that his recovery was “Divine Intervention.”  He said that when he was in the back of the ambulance being taken to the hospital, a priest was in the group and anointed him before being taken away.
Phil said that he is a construction worker and is fully back to work and is skiing again and he has, “No Limitations.”  I told Phil, “You told me yesterday on the phone to tell these visionaries that I know, to tell them that you love Our Blessed Mother.  Phil, you can tell Her yourself, you can go to Her anytime, anywhere and She is listening” and he started laughing.  He said he went to Holy Mass this past Monday which was a Holy Day of obligation.  He sat in the front pew because his wife was a Lector reader for that Mass.  Phil went onto say, “I saw the beautiful statue of Our Blessed Mother on Monday at Mass and as I look at Her and said to myself, “What are you doing to me.”  He was making reference as to why She would appear to him.  I told Phil that if you look at the history of past visionaries and mystics, even those of today, they are simple people, such as factory workers, farmers, simple house wife’s, fallen away Catholics and the list goes on.  Several of them who I have met, they have asked Our Lord or Our Lady, “Why appear to me?”  And Our Lord and Our Lady’s response is, “We don’t pick the best people.”  And then they are given a mission of receiving messages to tell people of the world.
Phil said, “How do you share this story with somebody, this was Our Lady, how do you tell people about this and that I have seen Her.”  He went onto say, “You can’t make this stuff up, you can’t.”  I told Phil about the whole mission of “Our Lady of the Tear of Joy” and with the miracles that have occurred with people coming in contact with Our Lady’s image, both physical healing’s and spiritual conversions and you “Can’t make this up.”  Our Lady in repeated messages has said that She wants this image of Her “Known to all”, meaning “Around the World” and the messages She is giving about the miracle image of “Our Lady of the Tear of Joy.”  She is going to use you to share this miracle story to get people’s attention on how She so very much wants to intercede for us and lead us to Her Son.  We spoke about Holy Scripture where Our Lord gave us His Mother as Our Mother as He hung on the Cross.  She is Our Mother, it is Holy Scripture which is the word of God.  Phil went on to say, “Our daughter goes to school in Florida and Mike is mailing me the images of Our Lady of the Tear of Joy and Mike said they have been Blessed by a priest.  Our daughter is not going back, not until she has one to take back with her.”
Phil said how he saw Our Lady’s Mantle.  Our Lady always has her Mantle of Love and Protection wrapped around us.  When you think you are alone, when you think you can’t go another step in life, and when you call out to Our Blessed Mother, that is when She is holding you even closer to Her, with Her Mantle of Love and Protection wrapped so gently around you and She will NEVER take that Love and Protection from you.  Phil told me, “I have only told 10 people about seeing Our Blessed Mother back in 2011 and 4 of them are Priests.”  I told Phil that I would be sharing this story with the world and he said again, “It’s all true.”  FACT: Our Lady is using this miracle image of “Our Lady of the Tear of Joy” to capture our attention with the messages She has been giving.  She so very much wants us to “Flee to Her” so She can intercede for us in all of our prayer intentions and lead all those who call upon Her, to Her Son.
And yes, Phil will be converting to the Catholic faith soon.  I want to close with what Phil told me just prior to ending our conversation and this sums up this miracle story and I quote, “I believe who that was I saw, it was Our Blessed Mother, with my whole heart and soul, it was Her!”  


Hello Arrow, Hope you are keeping well, just thought that I would like to send you a Christmas card and to thank you for sending my friend Derek Sankey the retired Deacon all those photo images of Our Lady of the Tear of Joy, 500 of them and pleased to tell you I managed to distribute all of them out to different areas such as Ireland, the Isle of Man Chester and 4 churches in my home town Warrington.  I gave one to a friend from Sacred Heart Church who has cancer on the lung.  I told her to put the picture on her lung everyday, which she did.  She had to go for her x-ray results and was told that the cancer had gone, the nurse said she has never see anything like it before.  She has to go for another test but has not heard anything yet.  Elizabeth said she doesn’t feel ill at all so please will you say a prayer for her.  Have a wonderful Christmas & New Year.  Elaine Merriman – England”

Bless to all.  I go to 8am Holy Mass every morning at my parish of St. Joseph Church here in Maumee.  After Mass this morning, a parishioner by the name of Frank W told me the following story and asked me to share it.  Frank went onto say how his niece by the name of Wendy from Missouri was in town about a month ago with her 4 year old son by the name of Peter.  Peter was born with severe kidney problems and his kidney’s are constantly “failing” even with a simple cold or flu.  Peter has been hospitalized numerous times because of this health issue.  About a month ago while visiting family here in Maumee, Peter became ill and his kidney’s had stop functioning.  He was hospitalized here in Toledo at the Children’s ward.  Frank got a image of Our Lady of the Tear of Joy and gave it to the family to place on Peter.  Peter made a recovery and returned with his family back to Missouri and he has had “No Problems” with his kidney’s since being back.  Frank went onto say that the family is giving the healing of Peter to the intercession of Our Blessed Mother.  God Bless to all, Arrow >>>—————->

God Bless to all.  On Tuesday October 2nd, 2018, I received a typed letter from a woman by the name of JoAnn from Michigan.  With her approval, I am allowed to release the letter she wrote, word for word and I told her I would not include her last name.  When I received the letter, I immediately emailed her asking her to call me right away and she did today, October 4th, 2018.  JoAnn and I have had several phone conversations already today.  After speaking to JoAnn, I also immediately called the spiritual director of Our Lady of the Tear of Joy and briefed him on what JoAnn said and I will be sending him the actual letter with Joann’s full contact information.

The below story highlighted in “Blue”, is the letter from JoAnn.  Her son Conner age 16 attempted suicide in May shooting himself in the face under his chin.  JoAnn proceeded to tell me that she had the image of Our Lady of the Tear of Joy and had been placing it on Conner’s face.  JoAnn said Conner has had a miraculous conversion and she went onto say that the doctor said he is healing faster than expected.  JoAnn said that Conner feels and I quote, “Love, Confident & Strong.  He is being healed and there is light in his eyes.”  JoAnn said she gives all credit to the intercession of Our Lady.

Again, JoAnn said she was placing Our Lady’s image on Conner’s face.  Let me close with a quote from JoAnn’s letter she wrote to me, “The Memorare Prayer really does work.  I’m never going to be done saying it until my last breath.”

God Bless to all and when you think you are utterly alone or your prayers are not being answered.  Yes they are and when Our Lady intercedes for us, She “Does” take our prayers to Her Son and it is His choosing, time and place, “His Will” on how and when our prayer will be answered.  There is one person Our Lord will not say no to, and that is His Mother.

I’m writing you for 2 reasons.  First, I am a true believer of the Memorare Prayer!  Back in May my oldest son, Conner 16, attempted suicide with a gun under his chin.  With the grace of God, Mother Mary, angels and saints he is still with us today.  It is a miracle that only his physical face was harmed.  He has not had any major surgery’s yet, first one is October 18, but I say the Memorare Prayer every day asking Mother Mary to heal his face to what it was before his moment of despair.  I thought I was seeing with a mother’s heart to say he really looks like my Conner, but all my friends and family members tell me it’s not just you, we see it too.  The Memorare Prayer really does work.  I’m never going to be done saying it until my last breath.

Second, I need prayers sent my way.  Conner has 20 or more surgeries (1st major one Oct. 18) in a 2 year span to complete his transformation.  Conner has always had a place for God in his life.  He attended church youth groups every week and was a junior leader for Sunday mass.  I still can’t wrap my head around his dark loneliness with so many people who love him.  Since his attempt a new found peace in life and a will to live for God is with him.  I’m asking you and your prayer groups out there to help us pray for continual healing physically and spiritually.  Saying he’s going to be going through some rough procedures is an exaggeration.  It’s going to be testing his faith and well being.  I break down often and cry, but I know God has wonderful plans for all of us.  I need prayers to pour down on Conner, me, my husband and his little brother.  Thank you for your time to read this and your dedication to Mother Mary for all of us to grow and learn from and experience her miracles.  JoAnn P Warren/Mi

My granddaughter’s name is Kaydance and she is 5 months old and was born with severe kidney issues.  It has been a ongoing battle trying to get the kidney’s to function properly.  Several ultra tests have been done and the decision was made that she was to be put under so a more in-depth medical procedure could be done.  All the while as this has been going on, I took Our Lady’s image of Her Tear of Joy and laid it on the picture of my granddaughter and have been saying the Memorare prayer.  They recently did another ultra test before having to start the procedure and her kidney’s are getting better and the medical procedure they were going to do was cancelled.   Thank you Blessed Mother for interceding.  – Steve G/Michigan

The below miracle story was emailed to me from my brother in Christ Ray LaFleur in NewFoundland, Canada.  Like all miracle stories reported to me, I like to make contact and get more insight behind the miracle.  Ray told me that the family is Protestant but was receptive on getting Our Lady’s image of the Tear of Joy.  The wife had applied for over 50 jobs over the last several months with no response and they were out of money.  They received Our Lady’s image and said the Memorare prayer.  The wife then got a job offer.  But the story gets better, they have on the side of their house a statue of Our Blessed Mother with a Rose bush next to Her.  Over the last 5 years, the rose bush has produced “No” Roses and NOW………..  5 Roses have appeared on the bush and this is in “Newfoundland” in October even!!!  Newfoundland is one of the very northwest providences in Canada – gets cold early. I know all those reading this are calling out to Our Lady and you want your prayers answered.  Believe me when I say, I am with you.  There is a very personal issue going on in my life for 8 years now that I am praying for.  However, Our Lord and Our Lady DOES HEAR OUR PRAYERS and please believe when I say this and I have received confirmation on this.  It is Our Lords’ “Will and Timing”, not ours.  In each and every persons life, Our Lord has laid out a plan for us, for our salvation and that he wants us to stand in front of Him one day and He will give you a warm embrace saying, “My Child, you carried your Cross which gave me overwhelming Joy, now come with me into my Kingdom.”   And you will immediately be overwhelmed with “Peace, Joy & Love” and it won’t last for a few minutes or even a couple of hours, but forever!!!!!  Each day, offer up your Cross’s you are carrying to Our Lord and Our Lady, they will then apply the graces of your suffering you just offered up, to somebody who is about to die and it will be applied towards their salvation.  This is what “Victim Souls” do, when they suffer.  Also in return for all that you offered up, you will get little graces in your life or if you don’t see it in this life, it will be applied to your salvation when you stand in front of Our Lord.  So, please be patient, your prayers ARE BEING HEARD.  Our Lord’s “Will”, not ours.  When you think your prayer is not being heard by Our Lady, “Oh yes She is.”  God Bless to all and please enjoy the beautiful below miracle story.  Arrow >>>—————>

From: Ray LaFleur
To: Arrow Osborne
Little miracles associated with the image of Tears of Joy
My brother in law and his wife are not Catholic but have in their own way a great love for Jesus.  They have been going through difficult time (as many are today) with finances etc.  A few weeks ago I sent them a CD on DomMichel Rodrigue and included in the package a couple of images of Our Lady of the Tear of Joy.  They started saying the Memorare, looking at the image, as Our Lady asked, the next day his wife received a call from a potential employer she went for the interview and was offered a position far above what she applied for and starts this week.  And they aren’t even Catholic.  Confirms what the Blessed Mother said, “All are My children.”  Ray LaFleur


This is Mary Ann Stulz.  I was the one who had the neighbor across the street, Don Wilkins, who has serious cancer.  Don is a non-practicing Catholic who has fallen away from the church.

I saw your name out on the website, I called and asked if you would pray while I visited Don.  I mentioned that I plan to take the picture of “Mary With The Tear” to Don (When I got there, I asked Don where he wanted me to placed it.  Don himself took the picture and placed it on his belly where the major turmor is located.) and I prayed the Memorare prayer two times. Then, you were also so kind to ask your 100 prayer warriors to also pray.   I visited Don on two occasions and did the same thing.  On the second time, I left the picture with him and the Memorare prayer as well.

Drum roll…… Arrow, between you, and your prayer warriors, I have good news to tell you.  Followup tests were done on Don last week and he got the results yesterday. There are many cancer tumors that are totally gone now (it’s like they never existed) and the major tumor that they were mainly concerned about has significantly reduced in size.  His blood work also looks so much better.  The doctors, Don and his wife were amazed and so pleased with the results and the change.  Don asked me to tell you all his good news. Also, Don has more life to him now!  Thank you SO MUCH for everything you all did.

I asked his wife if Don has again placed the picture on himself and said the prayer.  She is not sure, for he would be very private about it and not tell her at all.  I so much hope Don is doing this on his own.  Wouldn’t that be cool!  PLEASE, PLEASE, Can you PLEASE ask your prayer warriors to continue to pray for Don Wilkins?

Thank you all SO MUCH!

Mary Ann

Dear Arrow,
I’ve been wearing hearing aids for nine years due to bilateral decreased hearing loss.  I also suffer from season asthma.  From October through January, I struggled to make it through the day as I’m still a working woman.  Every day after work, I would go straight home, eat some homemade chicken soup and go to bed.  Throughout the night and during the day, I felt extremely tired, sleepy, my mind in a fog, and felt feverish and kept getting chills throughout the day and night no matter how many layers of woolens I was wearing even though I did not have a fever.  
In January of 2018, I noticed that my right ear felt plugged and I could not hear even thought I had my hearing aid on.  I was also experiencing laryngitis (or so I thought).  Thinking that the hearing aid needed to be serviced, I took it to the hearing aid center to be fixed.  After checking it out,the technician said it was not the hearing aid and performed a hearing test.  The result showed that I had complete hearing loss of my right ear.  He thought I probably had fluid in my ear and referred to my primary doctor.  I made an appointment and she also diagnosed me with fluid in my ear and prescribed a medication for my hearing loss and laryngitis; these I took for 10 days.  I did not have any improvement and returned two weeks later with the same problem.  At this point, she referred me to an ENT doctor.
Between 5 February and 4 April, I had many office visits, follow up visits, i.e., x-ray, hearing tests, a strobe test of my throat, CAT scan of my ear to rule out a tumor (came back normal).  The strobe showed that the roof of my mouth was flat as a result of acid reflux as well as the loss of my voice.  That doctor prescribed Zantac but did not know why I lost my hearing.  The ENT doctor still felt that my hearing loss was due to fluid retention due to my sinus problems.  
At this point, I must digress.  For 12 weeks I had been attend a “Lord Teach Me To Pray” session taking place on Saturday mornings at my parish, Our Lady of Perpetual Help in Selma, Tx.  My medical problem began the second Saturday after it had started, but I kept attending.  The facilitator would read my meditations of the prior week since I could not speak.  I would sit next to her so I could hear with my left ear (with the help of my hearing aid).  All this time, I read the bible and journaled my daily meditations, prayed the rosary daily (sometimes twice a day) and immersed myself in learning to block out any thoughts except of God and Jesus and discerned God’s will for me and surrendered myself completely to whatever it might be.  All I asked Him was that if it was his will for me to be deaf and dumb the rest of my life, to please just give me the tools I was going to need in order to function in the world.    
At our March 31 session, one of the ladies in our group handed us an image of the Virgin Mary “Tear of Joy” and told us a little about how this image came to be and that it had been blessed by a Catholic priest.  We were all touched by this beautiful image of Our Lady.  I took it and placed it in my study binder along with the week’s readings and journal.  
Monday, April 2, I returned to the ENT doctor for the result of my tests.  They had all come negative for tumor.  He still felt that I had fluid in my ear and recommended that he place ear tube in my ear.  In order to do this, he would have to make a hole in my ear and proceeded to make a hole.  Even though he placed medication to numb my eardrum, I still felt great pain but had been instructed not to move and I didn’t (all the while I offered up the pain for the poor souls in purgatory as is my custom whenever I’m undergoing painful procedures; believe it or not this helps immensely).  Once the hole was made, he attempted to insert the tube but it would not go in.  So he made the hole larger and tried again to no avail.  
At this point, he decided to send me home with a hole in my ear, placed me on antibiotics and instructed me not to get water in my ear and he would have to try something later once the hole healed.  After the procedure I went home feeling very tire, weak and sleep.  I ate some soup and went to bed.  The next day, Tuesday, it dawned on me that since fluid had come out of my ear during the procedure, that it was likely that my hearing had returned.  I inserted the hearing aid into my right ear but I still couldn’t hear.  I even replaced the battery in case it had died.  I went ahead and got dressed for work.  What at work I remembered that I had the photo of the Virgin Mary’s “Tear of Joy” card.  
I told myself that before going to bed, I would place it on my ear and pray the Memorare.  After I got home from work, I ate my soup and went to bed and prayed to God that I was accepting of His Will.  I placed the photo Tear of Joy on my right ear, prayed the Memorare repeatedly and petitioned Mother Mary to intercede to Her Son, Jesus, if it was His Will (again) to heal me.  Next morning, I woke up to the alarm on my Cell phone and reached for it.  It was not on the table next to my bed so I got up and went looking for it.  I have a 4 bedroom house and when I got to the last bedroom, I found it on a shelf I had last left it.  I suddenly realized that I had actually heard it ring and started crying and praising The Lord and thanking Him over and over for showing me His compassion and mercy by healing me.  I could not stop praising Him and haven’t stopped thanking and praising Him for this miracle and forever more will praise His Holy name.  
I went to work and went about my day as if everything was normal, but did not share this wonderful news.  No one even noticed that I was well again; they took it for granted that after all my doctor visits that I was well again.  This happened during Holy Week.  On Easter Sunday at our family supper, I shared with them about the healing God had granted me.  They’s been talking between themselves that they worried about me because my health issues had gone for so long, I was losing weight, couldn’t eat much and sleeping so much but didn’t know how to help me.  On Easter Monday, I returned to the ENT doctor to check on the hole in my ear.  After he examined me, he started talking about what our next step would be to restore my hearing loss and voice.  At this point, I shared with him about the healing image of the Tear of Joy and that I had regained my hearing and my voice on Holy Wednesday.  He told his technician to run another test on me and the test came back that I had perfect hearing on both sides.  Hallelujah, Hallelujah!!!  At this point, Dr. Talley revealed to me that his wife is a staunch, Sicilian Catholic and was going to love hearing my testimony.  I gave him and his technician a printed copy of accounts of this healing image and a Tear of Joy card.
Should you wish to corroborate my testimony, I have medical records of all the tests performed with the results.      (Note: At this point, Beatrice left me her phone number and address which I am going to omit for her privacy)
Sincerely, A grateful Heart
Ms Beatrice G/Converse Tx

God Bless to all.  Last night I received an email from a woman named Mary from Wilder Kentucky asking for prayers and that she was going to pray over a man by the name of Don today at 11am EST.  In Mary’s email she stated that she would be praying over Don with the image of Our Lady of the Tear of Joy.  After speaking with Mary today and with her permission I am allowed to let everybody know what occurred today.  Mary said that she met with Don and his wife Sherri and Don is battling cancer and has yet to go thru several more chemo treatments.  Mary said that Don took Our Lady’s image and placed it on his stomach where the tumor is located.  Mary stated that she said the Memorare prayer twice and his wife Sherri simply listened.  Afterwards, Mary said that nothing really happened, she prayed over Don and she spoke to Don about Our Lady intervening in our prayers and taking them to Her Son.

This was a miracle in the fact that, Don was a fallen away Catholic, was not going to church and he then became respective to Mary actually taking a “Blessed Image” of Our Lady and allowing her to place it on him.  THE MIRACLE IS ALREADY STARTING!!  Think about this, Our Lady said in a message on June 29th, 2018, “Tell them when they look into the eyes of My image (photo), I am looking back into theirs, letting them know, as your Mother I so very much Love each and every one of you, for you are My children and I so very much want to intercede for you and lead you to My Son.  Tell them, I have My mantle of Love and Protection wrapped around them.”
The simple fact that Don “Did” look into the eyes of Our Lady’s image and the fact he actually held it up against his own stomach, clearly states Our Lady is already at work in bringing Don back to Her Son.  It may not happen right away, but Our Lady will work on Don’s heart.   But our work as our Lady’s children and Her faithful prayer warriors does not stop here.  I know all of us has a long list of people that we pray for, please keep Don on your heart in your prayer intentions.  Also, I asked Mary how did she hear about the miracle story of Our Lady of the Tear of Joy?  Mary said about 4 weeks ago, she had severe neck pain and I quote, “I could not even turn my neck” and it was ongoing.  Mary said that she was given Our Lady’s image and placed it on her neck, said the Memorare prayer and the next day she was healed.  She found my contact information on the website and emailed me last night wanting prayers for Don today at 11am.  It is a beautiful mystery if you think about it, how Our Lady puts other people in our lives, to pray for each other and in return, we start to meet other people in our journey on helping each other to get to our final destination, which is eternal peace, eternal joy, eternal happiness, eternal love with Her Son, Our Lord and Mighty Savior, Jesus Christ.  God Bless to all, Arrow >>>———–>

Here are a few more healing’s. I don’t know if they were submitted to your website.
God bless,

—– Forwarded Message —–
From: Ray
To: Jenni
Sent: Monday, July 16, 2018 2:28 PM
Subject: Healing’s
Another miracle. My friend Carolyn was Healed through the intercession of the Blessed Mother.
Praise the Lord.
From: carolyn
Sent: Saturday, July 14, 2018 11:07 PM
To: Ray
Subject: healing’s

God Bless to all.  Please follow me on the time line here.  This past weekend as you know, I had the honor and privilege of going to see my brother’s and sisters in Christ in the Great Country of Canada and being with Fr. Sam who is a most Holy Priest.  I then went to Windsor to be with Jeff & Sue’s group.  I got back to Maumee Ohio late on Monday night.  Today (Friday July 13th), I went to Our Lady of Consolation Shrine in Carey Ohio and I simply walked the Rosary park spending time with Our Lord and Our Lady saying the Rosary.  The presence of Our Lord and Our Lady is so overwhelming there.  I got back around 4pm and came in the house.  Then I thought, “Oh man, the images of Our Lady is still in the trunk of my car since the weekend.”  When I went to Canada, I took with me about 7,000 images of Our Lady of the Tear of Joy and was passing them out before each Mass and they were already Blessed.  When I went to my car and opened the trunk, the images of Our Lady was in two boxes.  Carrying them in, I could clearly smell Roses and they were coming from the Boxes.  Thank you Blessed Mother for the mission you have entrusted me with.  When you think you are utterly alone, when you think Our Lord and Our Lady are not with you, that is when “They are so very close to you” and this is a FACT.  God Bless to all, Arrow >>>———>

I’m Rose from southern Indiana.Arrow was making a few stops in Indiana a few weeks ago and stopped in at our rosary prayer group.He talked about Our Lady of the Tear of Joy and showed us the original photo/image of Her and handed out the new prayer cards with the Memorare prayer on the back, he then returned home.

 Our rosary group met a couple of days later and a message was given to one of the members of our group that Our Lady of the Tear of Joy wanted an enlarged photo made to be put in a place chosen by Her so all could see Her. I texted Arrow what Our Lady requested and we were going to have one made. Arrow told me he would have it done himself professionally because if made too large it would be distorted.He also would have it blessed.

So ,the following week Arrow returned to southern Indiana with 5-8×10’s blessed photo’s of Our Lady of the Tear of Joy.Our rosary group received 2 of these photo’s and other 3 went elsewhere.There are two different places we meet for rosary. One of the places is visited by who ever wishes to come and pray.On Sunday July 1st there was a group of Mexican workers who came to pray. They were all kneeling surrounding the photo/image of Our Lady of the Tear of Joy and as they were praying the image started weeping inside the glass.All present saw it and a message was given that these were “Tears of Joy”. These Mexican workers literally only have the clothes on their backs and the cars they drive are very old,but these people are so humble and joyful to have what they have and they are so devoted to Our Lady. We need to learn by their example to approach Our Lady with sincere and humble hearts.We are to truly know that without a doubt that Our Blessed Mother is constantly with us and is interceding for us ,even though we can not physically see Her.                                                                                                                               

God Bless to all,
Rose southern Indiana

God Bless to all.  First, I am trying to play catch up in answering all my emails.  I have been in the great country of Canada for the last 3 days giving talks with Fr. Sam on the miracle story and mission of Our Lady of the Tear of Joy.  While in Canada, I learned that somebody who is very dear to me and lives in Chatham Ontario has a birthday this coming Thursday.  So, After being with Fr. Sam on Saturdayand thru Sunday afternoon, I drove to Windsor Ontario Sunday to stay the night with my brother and sister in Christ, Jeff & Sue and to be with their prayer group on Monday night.  I asked Sue where is a Hallmark card store and that I wanted to get a nice birthday card.  Sue, told me that “Shoppers Drug Mart” store has a nice selection of cards and they also have a post office in the back of the store and I could also mail it from there.  Then Monday morning, I went to Tim Horton’s to get my usual 2 shots of espresso coffee.  I have been hooked on espresso’s ever since having one in Medjugorje.  While at Tim Horton’s, I asked the girl where could I find a nice card store to get a birthday card and she said that “Shoppers Drug Mart” had a nice selection.  Then I said to myself, okay then, I’ll go to Shoppers Drug Mart store which was just down the street.

I walked in the store, found the card isle and found the card I wanted.  I went up to the check out register and paid for it.  There was nobody else in line, so I asked the girl could I borrow the counter to fill out the card because I am from the U.S and I wanted to get the card filled out and mailed off before going back to the U.S, because if I mailed it from the States, it would take at least 1 1/2 to 2 weeks before it got to Chatham Ontario.  The girl whose name is Betty asked me, “What are you doing in Canada?”  I told her that I document healing’s and miracle stories of Our Lord and Blessed Mother appearing to people and I have been doing it for several years and I am in Canada to give talks about it.  Betty said, “So, what is some of latest miracles you have been seen?”
I said, “Well, the latest and what I am here to talk about is, in September of last year, I was invited to a birthday party in Cincinnati Ohio in honor of the Blessed Mother.”  Then………. Betty said, “Is this the story of the balloons going up in the air and everybody singing happy birthday to the Blessed Mother?”  I said “Yes, I was there that day and I am in Canada to talk about it.”  THEN…………  Betty grabbed my arm with both of her hands and I do mean she literally was pulling over the counter saying with sheer joy and excitement and I quote, “NO WAY, NO WAY, I HAVE READ THE STORY TWICE AND I HAVE BEEN PASSING OUT THE PHOTOS!!  NO WAY, WHAT IS THE ODDS OF YOU WALKING IN THE STORE!!”  I told her after she released her very tight grip on my arm, I said, “I have a special treat for you, I would love the opportunity to show you the actual miracle photo.”  THEN………… She grabbed my arm again saying, “NO WAY, NO WAY, IT’S HERE!!”
So, I went back to Jeff & Sue’s house, got the actual miracle photo and went back to the store.  I took the actual miracle photo of Our Lady of the Tear of Joy out of the protective clear laminate plastic cover I keep Her in and placed the image (photo) on Betty’s left side of her face on her cheek.  Her face immediately was filled with pure “Joy” and she was actually going into a state of ecstasy with pure joy and love beaming from her face as I held the image up against her.  This is NOT about Arrow Osborne, this is about “Our Lady of the Tear of Joy” and the mission and message Our Blessed Mother wants everybody to know.   Our Blessed Mother clearly made it clear to me to go to Shoppers Drug Mart to get the birthday card and that was clear from being told by not just one person, but by two people that I was to go to Shoppers Drug Mart store.  This was no coincidence, Our Blessed Mother had this all planned out and this is simply a FACT.
Before I left the store to bring back the original image (photo) of Our Lady to Betty, Betty said this.  “I have the picture of Our Lady of the Tear of Joy on the wall next to a Cross.  My daughter told me to take it down and that it freaks her out, so I have it on my desk.”  I told Betty one of the messages that Our Lady gave about Her image and if you have somebody who lives with you who would not be respective on getting the image (photo) of Our Lady of the Tear of Joy.”  Our Lady said “They are to know, they are to get my image (photo) into their homes and Our Lady will take care of the rest.”  Meaning: Just the image of Our Lady of the Tear of Joy in a home, will bring about spiritual healing’s just by them looking upon Her.”  When I told Betty this, she said, “I am putting Our Lady’s picture back up.”
There were not one but two great miracles that occurred out of Betty and I meeting each other.  #1, Betty is absolutely filled with the “Holy Spirit” on getting the miracle story known to all and the messages Our Lady of the Tear of Joy is giving about Her image and how She wants to lead us to Her Son.  #2, By Betty putting Our Lady’s image back on the wall for her daughter to see, Our Lady “Will” work on her daughter’s spiritual conversion.
God Bless to all and always know and I do mean “ALWAYS KNOW” and never forget, Our Blessed Mother has Her mantle of Love & Protection wrapped around each and everyone of you and your love ones.  Our Blessed Mother knows your heart and She so very much wants to intercede for you and take your prayers, your cries, your hurts to Her Son.  Always know also, that Our Blessed Mother is wanting you to call upon Her saying, “Blessed Mother, please use me to do Your Son’s “Will” and trust me when I say, when you do ask Our Lady this, She “Will” put you to work in ways you were not expecting.  God Bless to all, Arrow >>>————>

Back in 1998 I had a bad fall on some steps and really hurt my back. It took about 10 or years, but my back did eventually heal most of the way. But I still had some residual irritation that would come and go, but it was definitely manageable. Over the past couple years an irritation developed in my middle back that became a constant discomfort. It was increasing to the point where I almost couldn’t find a comfortable position in which to to sit, stand, or sleep.
A friend had sent a picture of Our Lady of the Tear of Joy to me, so I held it to my back and prayed the Memorare. Nothing happened immediately, but I remembered that in the bible, when Jesus performed miracles, some experienced immediate results, but some didn’t. Some healed slowly over several days, or with more time. So every day I held Her picture to me and prayed. After about a week and a half the pain in my back subsided. It went away completely. That was back in February. It is now the end of June and still no pain in my back. Through the intercession of Our Lady of the Tear of Joy, my back has been healed. Praise be to Jesus Christ!  Jeanette–Burlington, Kentucky

> My name is Betsy and I was given your email address and phone number by Dr. Jaime . We grew up together here in western Kentucky and his sister, Karen was a close friend of mine.
> I don’t use a cell phone and am presenting waiting for A T & T to come fix my home phone for the second time in the last couple of weeks. So I thought I would just email you.
> I am not sure why Jaime wants me to contact you other than to tell you my story of Our Lady of the Tear of Joy. So here it is.
> I will give you some quick background although that is not necessarily important to the whole story. I am now 64 yrs old but when I was 23 I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease called Scleroderma. Along with this I have developed some other autoimmune diseases, which is pretty common. So as you can tell I have struggled with some health problems over the years although they did not keep me from working full time as a social worker for 17 years and as a teaching assistant and art teacher at a local elementary school for about 11 yrs. I have been retired for 12 years. In my 50’s I developed an autoimmune problem called Sjogrens which causes me to have intense dry eyes. That health problem is what I wanted to talk to you about today.
> Late last November (2017) I went to see my eye doctor because the dryness of my left eye was causing me vision problems. This was due to Sjogrens. Normally over the counter drops alleviate the dryness in my eyes but at this time that was not helping my left eye. My doctor examined my right eye and said she thought it looked pretty good but was very concerned when she saw the dryness in my left eye. She described little dots that she called stippling. At that point she prescribed steroid drops for my left eye only. She advised me to use the drops over the next few months and return for an appointment in April.
> I had been on steroid drops a few times before but only for short periods and always they had quickly and successfully improved my vision and the problem caused by dryness or inflammation. I used these prescription drops in my left eye all the month of December 2017, January and February of 2018 with no improvement in my left eye at all. The vision was still blurry and the dryness and redness seemed worse. So at the end of February I made the decision to stop using those steroid drops. During this whole time I continued to use another prescription medication called Restasis. My doctor has prescribed that medication for many, many year due to inflammation in the eyes.
> So at the end of February I was pretty discouraged about the loss of clear vision in my left eye. On Saturday, March 3rd I think it was I happen to read a story on Spirit Daily that mentioned the mass in Cincinnati and how the picture of Our Lady of the Tear of Joy came about. So I went to the website of Our Lady of the Tear of Joy and read the whole story. I then told a friend of mine, Becky about it and we decided we needed to order 100 of those pictures to give out to people in our parish. The next week in March I went back to your website and using the photo on the website I prayed to Mary and Jesus about my vision problem in my left eye. When praying I did not ask to be healed of Scleroderma or Sjogrens but only to give me my eyesight back in my left eye.
> I had become so dependent on my right eye and was wearing my glasses for distance more that I did not even realize  at first the next day that the vision in my left eye had returned.
> So Becky ordered 100 pictures of Our Lady of the Tear of Joy and we received them on March 21st and had them blessed by a priest the next day.
> On April 3rd, 2018 I kept my appointment with my eye doctor and told her the story of how the steroid eye drops had not worked in December, January and February. I told her I quit using the drops at the end of February. Then I told her how I had prayed and my eyesight returned. She said she believes in the power of prayer. She also told me that she had no medical explanation on how the eyesight in my left eye returned. She said if the steroid drops were not working for three months they would not suddenly have started working in March when I stopped using the drops.  She said the Restasis could not have fixed the dry eye problem since I had been on that drug for many years. She said if I had just started using that drug then maybe it would have been responsible for curing the problem but I had not just started using that drug. She quizzed me and quizzed me about things but in the end she said she had no medical answer as to how my eyesight returned.
> On that day she said both eyes looked great and were clear of all dryness. She said my vision was good and my eye pressure was good in both eyes. Everything was good. What she hadn’t told me at the appointment in November was that she had seen some dryness in my right eye too that day but it wasn’t bad enough for me to use the steroid drops in that eye.
> I know this email is long but it is the short version of my story.
> You can share my story with others but if you decide to put something on the website please use only my first name.
> If you want me to call for some reason I can do that when my phone is fixed, just let me know. Thank you so much for sharing this picture of Our Lady of the Tear of Joy.
> Peace,
> Betsy /Kentucky

 I just wanted to share what happened today when I took Holy Communion to nursing home and gave each one an image of Our Lady Tear of Joy. It’s always a blessing to see how worthily they
receive Jesus in Holy Communion. Today I was filled with double blessings and joy as I watched each one holding the image of Tear of Joy I gave them and I told them the story of this image and also how
it is said when they look into her eyes she is looking back at them with love. Some cried, while others had tears in their eyes and some kissed the image. They were all so thankful. One lady started talking to the image as I was leaving the room saying “You know its hot outside and I don’t like hot weather” I just smiled. Most of these elderly patients have little or no visitors and are lonely. I was so filled with love to see how Our Lady Tear of Joy touched each heart with her love.
                     Please tell everyone to be considerate especially of the elderly and poor who have no computer or access to the internet to tell the full story on this image and ,or print out story. Its only 2 pages back to back. It is so very important for everyone to know the full story on this image of Tear of Joy. Love and Peace to all,
Rose – Greensburg, Indiana

God Bless to all.  I have Art’s permission to share this most beautiful story of Our Blessed Mother’s intercession.  Yesterday June 20th, I went back to Greensburg Indiana to give another talk on Our Lady of the Tear of Joy to another Rosary group.  While driving to Indiana, I received a text message from Rose G that if I could go by Margaret Mary hospital in Batesville Indiana and pray over a man and the family was told I was coming down and had the original image (photo) of Our Lady of the Tear of Joy.  I went to the hospital and making a long story short, met a man by the name of Art B.  Art was admitted into the hospital Tuesday and had been spitting up blood, had trouble breathing, couldn’t walk, had not slept in “Day’s” and several other health issues.  The medication he was being given was not working to relieve the pain/suffering.  I handed everybody in the room with Art, the prayer card of Our Lady of the Tear of Joy.  I then placed the original image on Art and we then prayed the Memorare prayer to Our Lady.

After that, we spoke some more and I continued on my way.  Then this afternoon, Rose called me and was with Art in the hospital room.  Art came on the phone and the doctors said he can go home tomorrow because of the sudden change in his condition.  Art said that the medication he was given last night after I left, he was finally able to sleep.  Art made it very clear to me and I agree without any doubt, it “Was Our Blessed Mother’s intercession.”  Art said he continued to hold the image of Our Lady of the Tear of Joy to himself that I had left with him.   I told Art before I prayed over him and I tell everybody who knows me, I will take a spiritual healing over a physical healing any day of the week.
When we pray to Our Lady, She “Will intercede” for us and take our prayers to Her Son.  Then it is Our Lord’s “Will” as to how the prayer is to be answered.  I met privately with a visionary/mystic who is known to a lot of people, even around the world.  He told me that “some people” die after being prayed over and what people need to understand is that it was “Our Lord’s Will” for that person to be called home to Heaven.  God Bless to all, Arrow >>>———–>
Thank you, Our Lady of the Tear of Joy – You are Our Mother
When Jesus saw his mother, and the disciple whom he loved standing near, He said to his mother, Woman, behold your son!  Then he said to the disciple, Behold, your mother!  And from that hour the disciple took her to his home”  John 19:26-27
“Behold your son, Behold your mother.”  She is “Our Mother”, it is Holy Scripture!  And  just like the disciple John then took Our Blessed Mother into his home, let’s take Her into our’s and how do we do it?  By calling upon Her to be with us, She so very much wants us to call upon Her, so She can intercede for us.  

Hi Arrow!

On Sunday Mom and I spoke with a lady (Stella) from our parish. A while back she was having some health problems and was going to the doctor about her heart. She was worried.

I had the Tear of Joy cards with me so I gave one to her and one to her husband and we all prayed the Memorare together. Stella had tears run down her face,…she was very touched. We had not seen her since then, but on Sunday she told us that she had heart surgery and before surgery the doctor told her that she was very high risk, and also because she was elderly that made the surgery almost impossible to survive. He did, however, do the surgery. Stella had 5 stints put in, and she is doing VERY WELL. She said “it is a miracle and I am telling everyone that!”

Praise God!

Mary from Chatham Ontario Canada

I received this from a friend in CA that I sent some photos and holy cards of Our Lady of the Tear of Joy. I her words–“Alleluia”!
Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Dear Aldona…..Mary just called from the hospital. She had a surgery yesterday to eliminate

    any cancer in her liver.   The cancer was DEAD….so she is cancer free, both colon and
    liver !   The surgery was supposed to take 4  to  6  hours and took  1 1/2 instead. !
attribute Mary’s healing to Our Lady’s intercession !   Thank you, Dear Mother.
   Mary’s daughters also have had some miracles of  the scent of roses around their
homes, etc…..

My daughter Caitlin had an operation
because of the irregular growth of cells and
spots on her cervix,
She returned to her doctor for her check up
and was told  she needed another operation.
Arrow prayed over me for my daughter with
the picture of Our Lady of Tear of Joy,.
She  returned to her doctor he
tested again and  was told  the spots
were  all gone. ,
She was healed.
thank you
Our Lady of Tear of Joy
Estelle from Tecumseh Ontario

For several years, my daughters have not spoken to each other, and myself their mother.  One of my daughters did not want to know anything about me.  My children were all bickering and they were no longer able to see each other, or not even look even look at each other.  On Mother’s Day (Sunday May 13th, 2018), everyone gathered for the occasion and we went to the restaurant.

What a joy to finally see my children together!  And here I took the opportunity to tell them about Our Lady of the Tear of Joy.  “Listen to me,” I told them, “I’ll tell you the story of this image, and the one who told me, can only tell the truth, believe me.”  They all listened and after, all asked to have an image of Mary.
I know it’s a miracle of Our Mother Mary.  It is She who brought them all together.  This year, Mother’s Day was the greatest gift of my life.  Mary heals hearts, I’m so happy!
Ms. Rejeanne M, from La Sarre, Quebec Canada

Was in California last week for nephew 1st communion . Went to his little league baseball game . My sister-inlaw told me a lady their son was in the hospital. He was  lifting weights and the bar slipped and hit him in the head . He went to hospital had a really bad concussion. Told his mom he could had bad side effect from injury . My sister-in law told me to give his mom a picture . His mom took the picture to the hospital prayed over him . Next day got better and could go home . He came to the next game thank me for the picture and his healing . Jesus healing in all states . Met a lady from South Africa gave a picture of our lady and copy of story.
Jean , Ky

Hi Arrow,

Just passing along what my mother just told me about her “Tear of Joy” picture:

Ever since I gave my mom her Tear of Joy picture and we said the prayer, she keeps it right next to her where she sits everyday. She doesn’t even know of all the miracle happenings that people experience with this picture, so she was amazed when last night she turned her fan on pointing towards where she sits and when she glanced over to the picture, Mary’s eyes were blinking….possibly because of the wind from the fan, I don’t know, but it was amazing for her to have seen that!!!  Wow!
Diane /  Perrysburg. Oh

God Bless to all.  Fr. Sam is back at home and with his permission, I am to write about this miracle.  Very late Tuesday night, Fr. Sam was taken to the E/R in Chatham Ontario Canada.  Making a very long story short, an x-ray was taken which detected blood in his lung, then a second x-ray was taken which showed a collapsed lung with a puncture hole.  Jeff & Sue Cada from Windsor Canada and who head up a very large group of prayer warriors on the Canadian side, went to the hospital to see Fr. Sam.  I also spoke to Jeff on the phone today and he said that Sue placed the image (photo) of Our Lady of the Tear of Joy on Fr. Sam’s chest and they prayed.  They then placed the image of Our Lady on the wall in his hospital room.  Later they took 3rd x-ray which showed NOTHING WRONG WITH HIS LUNG.  I personally spoke to Fr. Sam and he said and I quote, “The doctor told me he couldn’t understand how my lung is fine now.”  Fr. Sam was to be in the hospital until Tuesday but he is back at home in Ridgetown Ontario as I write this.  Thank you Blessed Mother for your intercession for a very Holy Priest who simply “Love’s” doing your Son’s work down here on earth.  God Bless to all and always know and never forget, Our Blessed Mother has Her mantle of Love & Protection wrapped around all of you,  Arrow Osborne / Maumee, OH

Hello Arrow , My brother in Christ, Jim from my prayer group
At Good Shepherd in Brooklyn NY , gave me the tear of joy photo.I experienced a healing from Mary our blessed mother. I have had this tremor in my head and if you knew about it and watched me you might see it. I had told my twin sister about it some 7 or so years ago and then l forgot about it, she watched me unbeknownst to me and 1/2 hour later she said l see it it’s very mild but l do see it. When l told my primary doctor about it he said
“Don’t worry about it, it’s Katherine Hepburn disorder, nothing to worry about, it’s hereditary.” Disgusted l said well no one in my family has it.
It was something for the most part only known to me and l felt l could
Control it to some degree so it was not visible to anyone really unless the were studying me really closely, and who does that really? Then l started getting these tremors in my hands and they seemed to get worse daily.
One day last week April 12 , 2018. I woke up had my coffee and a bowl of cereal with banana and sat down to make a piece of jewelry, when all of a sudden it was as if l were plugged into a electric circuit. From my head to toe l felt this humming current, it wasn’t painful but it was frightening because I also had exacerbation of hand tremors and head shaking. I was short of breath and felt nauseous. I was scared to death.
I had to lie down, l didn’t know what to do with myself. I just laid in bed  for 5 minutes or so and got up. I walked into my living room where l have on my coffee table a small alter ( l live alone) lol so who cares….and then l saw the picture of thetearofjoy our blessed mother. I picked it up and l thought well just for now l would dispense with the candles and incense.
I held the picture to my head and l said out loud (mind you l have been thinking it was parkinson disease) mother Mary if this is the way l am going to go out l accept it and l offer up my discomfort or whatever is coming , for the glory of God and for all He has done for me. Then l let it go.
Half way through the next day it dawned on me that I hadn’t felt or seen and tremors and l immediately thought Oh my God l have been healed.
That was 5days ago now and l have not had
Any tremors. Praise God and His Blessed Mother. I hope this is a witness to my children and grandchildren that they can not deny Jesus and His love and healing.  Amen ? They do seem impressed and it is an answer to prayer that l have been praying for for many years. Janet K from  NY

Hello everyone, I just wanted to share a wonderful true story with all of you. My childhood best friend by the name of Rose told me her dad, Mario was in the hospital. He fell and hit his head on the bathroom tile, causing a brain bleed. The Dr. performed two surgeries to stop the bleeding and now all that was left was very little hope, you see Mario has an array of EXISTING health issues (which was the reason why  Mario was weak and fell), this was only making things worse! The Doctors said there was a great chance that Mario wouldn’t even survive surgery, his chances were very slim. I called Arrow; he came to the hospital, placed the picture of Our Lady of the Tear of Joy on Mario’s wrapped head and we prayed the Memorare prayer. The NEXT DAY Mario came out of the coma he was in and began to respond!!! A few days later the breathing machine and the drainage tubes (that were in Mario’s head) were removed. He has now been released from the hospital and is in a rehab facility. I know Our Lady took Mario’s petition to Our Lord and He answered her!!! Thank you My Mother!!! xoxoxo. And thanks to all the prayer warriors who were praying for Mario!

 ~Liza – Toledo, Ohio

I gave the picture  of Mother Mary Tear of Joy  to Susan @ church

a few weeks ago.
She was having troubles with her mouth and teeth.
The dentist wanted to pull her back teeth out  a few  weeks ago,
Susan is a bleeder  so she asked if they could wait.
She told me about her problem and I gave her the picture.
I told her to hold the picture on her  mouth  and pray, pray,  pray and
Mother Mary will hear her request.
She did this for a week    Then she returned to dentist
He told her  her mouth was much better  and she would not
have to have her  teeth pulled.  The dentist was very surprised  and she
told him about the picture.
Thank you  Mother Mary for helping  Susan
Stella Collins


I am happy to share something with you.
My friend is in the nursing home.  She had broken her ankle in three places.  She has three plates holding her bones together.  This happened onFebruary 9th.  She had major surgery.  I went to visit her Wednesday and she was very depressed because she felt like she will never walk again because after all this time, she still could not move her foot, despite the fact that she has been taking therapy.  She is still in a lot of pain and she kept feeling the screws in the back of her ankle.
She just called me and asked if I can give her more images because she said she had a miracle.  She does not feel the screws in her ankle anymore and now she can move it.  With a little more therapy, she may be up and about in a few days and she can finally go home.  She has not been home since February 9th between hospitals and the nursing home.  Her spirits are so uplifted now.   Praise be Jesus Christ now and forever!
Thank you Mother Mary…….

To all our prayer warriors I want to share another praise and glory story. A co-worker of mine was diagnosed with Hep C 2 weeks ago she was devastated
of course and had to go for more testing and they were planning her medication program she wan to get on immediately. More test had to be done to see how advance the disease was so when she was telling me with a very heavy heart  and wondering how she was going to get through this I gave her a picture of Our Lady tear of joy and asked her to pray and have faith that Mary would be there for her and could help she welcomed it.
Today she received a call from her doctor who confirmed with much research that her new tests that were done last week somehow her body has managed to fight off the infection she has just been told and she is on cloud nine and thanking the Blessed Mother for this miracle. The doctor said that there is only
2{e5f6cb98aa570286f4fa6ed11bbf80f649193fed0274b1a3612ae9a747289dab} of the population that this happens to with this diagnosis. Praise God Hallelujah and Thank you Blessed Mother for another Miracle.
I Love my Mother 🙂
Your’s in Christ


I placed blessed mother ‘tears of joy’ upon my liver.   My abnormal liver enzymes came back normal and my severe ruq pain subsided. Thank you Blessed Mother for your intercession.    Amen, AMEN. All test came back normal.  Thanks  be to God!
Thank you Blessed Mother
Janet  Ohio


My name is Maria, I live in Michigan. This Monday morning I woke up with an excruciating pain on my right sciatic nerve. By Tuesday night the pain was accompanied by spasms, pain meds only lasted three hours. Before going to bed I held the picture of Our Lay of The Tear of Joy to the site. I slept semi comfortable. This morning the pain and spasms were back, I used Our Blessed Mother’s picture again before going to Mass. Later this afternoon I noticed that the pain was gone and I had not taken any meds since this morning. I have a slight ache left. I know that the kind of pain I had experienced could not suddenly disappear. I believe Our Lady took care of me. One of my good friends taught all of us at our Prayer group to say, Mary take over and Jesus I trust in You! Maria  // Michigan


Upon arriving at Holy Spirit Catholic Church in Brighton, MI I entered the church to make a holy hour.  My wife, already at the church for a school function, was leaving to go to our home and asked to switch vehicles for convenience purposes.  On Thursday, I was given a stack of Our Lady of Tears prayer cards for distribution that were stored in the counsel of my car.  When my wife entered the car she discovered this tear resting on the prayer card (see photos), in the normal place a tear would collect on a persons face.   The car was perfectly dry and there were no liquids of any sort in the vehicle.  The tear never moved and evaporated after about an hour.  My wife and our children all witnessed that tear and verified that the tear was present and obvious to see.  According to the witnesses, it looked like a real tears and gave them an overwhelming feeling of astonishment.  You’ll notice in the picture that there was an interesting ray of sunlight that did not appear in the car but was visible in the photograph.  The prayer card now has a small mark where the tear appeared and is perfectly dry.  Praise the Lord for Our Blessed Mother!

Todd / Michigan

Last fall my Mom, Anne, had surgery to remove skin cancer on her nose.  This last February the doctor saw that it had come back. More invasive surgery was scheduled. I gave Mom the photo of Our Lady, tear of joy, and the next week when Mom went to the hospital for her surgery, her doctor couldn’t find any skin cancer on her nose.  He sent her home, saying that he couldn’t explain what had happened.  Praise God.  Thank you Heavenly Mother for your intercession. ??
Recently, I was hospitalized because my heart was stopping with no warning.  I broke my wrist during one of my falls.  After being admitted, they found abscesses on my liver for which they started antibiotics.  They also did a colonoscopy finding a mass which was 90{e5f6cb98aa570286f4fa6ed11bbf80f649193fed0274b1a3612ae9a747289dab} blocking my colon.  Meanwhile I had a visitor from my prayer group who brought me the picture of Our Lady tear of joy and instructed me to pray to her.  I immediately asked for her intercession for my healing.  Within a couple of weeks my liver was clear.  The doctor was planning a pace maker for my heart but because it wasn’t causing me to pass out anymore and I had no history of heart problems, he said it wasn’t necessary.  Meanwhile, every day I was praying to Our Lady tear of joy and thanking her for her intercession with her Son Jesus.  Before they operated on me to remove the diseased part of my colon they said I’d probably need a colostomy and my gall bladder removed.  Praise God, no colostomy and no gall bladder removed.  They removed all the lymph nodes they could see.  After testing, no cancer was in the lymph nodes.  I was certainly blessed and attribute my excellent results to Our Lady’s intercession.  Gail
Tom hasn’t been feeling well. We went to the doctor and then the cardiologist last week. They said he had a blockage and a rhythm problem in his heart. Tom has had heart trouble for the last 13 years. Last Friday they called and said they wanted him to come in sooner due to the EKG’s. Tom put the picture we recently received of Our Lady with the Tear of Joy on his heart and prayed to Mary to heal him.
On Monday night Tom started having chest pain and another heart attack. I called an ambulance. Everything showed the symptoms of a heart attack. 
At the hospital the next day they couldn’t find anything wrong. After doing a treadmill, they said it was negative.  We both know Mary healed him. We think she let him see what could happen and then let him see she had the power to heal, if we ask and believe.
Keep praying, our mother Mary loves us and understands what we are going through. There is so much to be grateful for in all our lives, especially the love we experience from Mary. 

Hi there, just wanted you to know that when I received the picture of Our Lady of the Tear of Joy I was immediately in awe of the picture.  She is so beautiful!  I put it on my person as I was having trouble with my abdomen and I felt a wonderful heat surge throughout my body down to my left leg which is where the pain was leading to.  I also felt a great peace that came over me.  I proceeded to do this for several days and always had the same feelings of warmth and peace come over me.  I really feel much better and my pain has subsided.  Whenever I put this picture on my person I always feel a warmth.  It is truly a healing picture.  I have worn other blessed items before but none has had the effect like this picture.  Thank you so much.  It is truly a blessing for me.  Marie.

Thank you for the Blessed photo of Our Lady.  Dan Kremer raised the photo to me telling me he needed to give one to me. At that short glance I recognized the photo and the power of Her Lady emiited a  compeling feeling.  Dan gave me the photo before leaving his store. He instructed me to hold it to my face where I just had extensive dental surgery.
I ran some errands in spite of the doctors instructions of minmal movement and no talking for 10 days and this was only day 3.  I was driving and just put the photo to my face and said I believe. That was all I could do or think since I was driving. I finished my next stop as I could hear myself speak audibly without pain. It was only when I stopped for a few minutes and looked at the photo again. The healing became very clear to me that I could speak without pain or limitation and the swelling left my face along with any pain.   I felt very warm, content and peaceful the rest of the night.
Today,  I listened to the many distresses of my friend.  After she expressed her very unhappy week, she told me about her dream last night. She told me her dream had flashes of stain glassed windows.  We were looking up the biblical symbolisms of her dream.  Without a prior thought, I showed her the photo. She immediately started sobbing. When she regained some control, she said this is the image she saw in the stainglass in her dreams and of Our Lady with the baby Jesus and she sobbed again.  I took the picture away and said I would get another for her but quickly knew this photo was for her to keep. As I handed it back to her she cried again and I held her while she cried. She said her tears were of peace and comfort. She needed both physical and spiritual healing.
Thank you for all you do in the name of Our Lady!

Hi, it’s Catherine from Detroit.  As you know I have been struggling with a massive lump on my breast. I took the image of Our Lady that I received and placed it on the area where the lump was located and prayed to our Lady.

Just wanted to let you know that I went for the biopsy yesterday.  After many people looking at many pictures (x-rays), followed by a lot of head scratching, they could find nothing to biopsy.. it was gone and they let me go!!


for the prayer group
Last night at prayer meeting  the image  of Our Lady of Tears was placed on Elena.  She had a complete healing.  Two lumps on her breast were gone when she went for her final x-ray before surgery . The Dr. could not find any lumps and the surgery was cancelled. Praise God
Last night Nancy  had  back pain for four weeks and had x-rays with no answers found. Our Lady of Tears was placed on her back and by morning ALL pain was gone. Praise God
These two women had the gift of faith to believe ….   Praise God
Did any one else have a healing and want to claim it… it is most important to witness and Praise God       jeff and susan
Arrow, 3 weeks ago I had given a woman a photo of Our Lady of the Tear of Joy and she had inoperable cancer in her hip area.  She had placed it on her hip and was praying to Our Lady.  She was later told that her cancer was shrinking and now the cancer is gone.  Thank you Blessed Mother for interceding in this woman’s prayer and taking it to your Son.  Jimmy – Brooklyn New York


I went out to breakfast with three women and I gave each of the women the photo of Our Lady of the tearofjoy. One of the women who is Muslim took the picture and immediately became overcome with joy and was actually cradling the picture of the Blessed Mother in her hand. Then she said can I please have another one to give them my brother. I read in the message where are blessed mother said that this photo of her will bring about spiritual healings and it did for this woman God bless you Jimmy – New York
________________________________________________________________________________________________________This Saturday my sister was brought to the hospital emergency center unresponsive was intubation and brought to the ICU. This was so devastating to me. I gave my sister a picture of Our Lady of joyful Tear I was at her home at the time so I grab the picture to bring to the hospital with me, looking at my sister on a ventilator unresponsive I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. This is my baby sister who just had a severe asthma attack. So I placed Our Lady of tearful joy on her chest praying the memorare.  That evening her nurse introduced her self to us my name is Grace. The shift was changing the 2nd nurse came in to introduce herself my name is Maria. The last shift change the nurse came in to introduce herself as Mary!  My niece stated to me look at all the names, Grace, Maria and Mary our Lady interceded for us!  My sister was extubated on Monday and discharged home on Wednesday this is my Christmas gift I couldn’t ask for anything else.  Thank you Blessed Mother.

________________________________________________________________________________________________________On Thursday December 21, 2017 following morning Mass at St. Casimir Church in Lansing, MI I handed a picture of Our Lady Tear of Joy to a man with special needs. He exclaimed, “The Blessed Mother!” And he said to his friend, “You love the Blessed Mother!” And his friend said, “So do you, John. So do you.”

On December 16, 2017 following Mass at St. Mary Williamston I went into a room with a group who were going to learn about Spiritual Bouquets. I gave Our Lady Tear of Joy to a lady, and she said, “When I looked at her, the Spirit rushed upon me. I felt the Spirit all over me.” I said, “She is yours.” The lady replied, ‘Oh, thank you!”


A locutionist received a message last night concerning the image of Our Lady of the Tear of Joy:
 “All those associated with my image (picture) will receive Graces.
 Pray to me, I am your Blessed Mother.  Call out to me and I will lead you to My Son”  


Here I am writing about my own testimonial, WOW!!  A few weeks ago, I had a growth appear on my nose and last Wednesday I went and saw a dermatologist.  As soon as the doctor looked at the growth on my nose, he immediately said and I quote, “Yep, that is skin cancer.”  He then proceeded to tell me that he wants to do a biopsy to determine if it is malignant or benign.  Then he proceeded to tell me that either way, malignant or benign, it will require surgery and they would have to cut deep to get all the cancer out and it would require them taking skin from another part of my body to place on the area of the surgery.  I became very quiet and he placed his hand on my shoulder and said to me, “Are you Okay?”  I said “Yes” and I proceeded to tell him I was fully prepared to hear this today.  I went out to my car and of course I prayed and I also reminded myself about the children of Fatima and how Our Blessed Mother showed them the gift of suffering and how with suffering you can save souls you will never meet and suffering is a “Grace.”  After Our Blessed Mother showed the children the gift of suffering, She then asked them, “Are you willing to suffer?” and they said “YES.”  This is called “A victim soul” and I personally know several visionaries/mystics who Our Lord or Our Lady has told them the same and that is why with all their illness’s, aches and pains they are battling, they know there are “Graces” that come with it and when they offer up their pain, they are saving souls.

I have been taking the image (picture) of Our Lady of the Tear of Joy and placing it on my nose and asking Our Lady to heal it.   With what I am about to write, I spoke to “S” today and have their permission to make this public.  There is a visionary/mystic who lives in Michigan who has been getting messages from Our Lord and Our Lady since the early 90’s.  “S”, and for those who are in my Rosary prayer group, you know who I am talking about.  Last Thursday December 21st, while “S” was at Adoration, “S” was shown a vision by Our Blessed Mother of Her “Tear of Joy” falling down on my nose.  Well today the doctor personally called me and said, “The report is back and it’s not cancer.  It is a growth that we can simply remove with no surgery required.”  Our Blessed Mother has said through visionaries/mystics who I personally know that healing’s both physical and spiritual “WILL OCCUR” with people being touched or simply look upon the image (picture) of “Our Lady of the Tear of Joy.”
Always know and NEVER forget, Our Lord and mighty savior Jesus Christ has you in the palm of His hand and Our Blessed Mother has you wrapped in the mantle of Her Love, Warmth & Protection.  Arrow Osborne >>>———-> Maumee Ohio


Hi Arrow… the woman who I brought the image to while I was in Chicago….(who I could not see at the time because she was going through radiation and was too weak to connect with me…)…she is back at work!!!!!!
She knows it’s the Blessed Mother at work!
Praise God!


Praise worthy news from Gail . She is home. Gall bladder did not need to be removed. A pacemaker is not required as thought before. There are no spots on her liver. They did only a resection of bowel not a colonostomy as thought before. She slept with Our Lady of the Tear of Joy picture on her abdomen while praying many nights.
Gail attributes her miracles to the intercession of Our Lady of the Tear of Joy.


Hi Everyone,

I had to jot down my thoughts of the “Tear of Joy” photo that Arrow gave to us——————– while praying at the “barn.”  There are so many things that come to mind when looking at Her and wondering of Her (possible)  “Many” Tears of Joy.  I just wanted to share some of them with you, as in these days, we do NOT hear of her Joyful Tears, rather——————– those of Sorrow.

I Love You All———————-Dear Prayer Warriors,———————— wherever you are).


                                        OUR LADY OF THE TEAR OF JOY

In these days, because of how America and the World lives, we often hear of statues of our Blessed Mother weeping (exuding) real tears, or of oil or even tears of blood.

It was AWESOME receiving the photo of Our Lady of the Tear of Joy and hearing the story of how a “BIRTHDAY PARTY” ————of course with the celebration of Mass, praying the Rosary, balloons and the people that attended to celebrate her day brought a Tear of Joy to Her Eye.

In praying the Rosary, I can’t help but think of all the times there was a Tears of Joy in Her Eyes:

After the Angel Gabriel announced to Her that She was chosen by God to bear His Son,

surely after all this was carefully thought about, She certainly must have experienced Tears of Joy knowing the honor and great blessing bestowed upon Her.

When Jesus was born, in spite of the great hardships endured by Mary & Joseph in their travels and not being able to find a place to give birth to the Son of God————-just seeing the Baby Jesus, in spite of the poor surroundings, certainly must have brought Tears of Joy, then the shepherds visiting and the Three Wise-men adoring and bringing gifts, could that not bring Tears of Joy to our Blessed Mother?

In visiting Elizabeth and hearing her words, was there not a Tear of Joy when She spoke the words of the Magnificat?

In the temple, when Simeon and Anna saw the Baby, (before his words that Jesus would suffer greatly and Her Heart would be pierced by a sword), did She not experience Tears of Joy?

Returning to their home in Nazareth, were there not Tears of Joy, after all the hardships of escaping Herod’s wrath and being in exile?

Finding Jesus in the Temple after desperately searching for three days, there certainly must have been Tears of Joy (and relief).

Throughout the Life of Jesus, especially at the Wedding Feast at Cana, when Jesus (not yet in His Time) miraculously  changed water into wine, because She asked Him.  I can only imagine what Jesus said to her———MOM, —————-.  That miracle must have put a Tear of Joy in Her Eye.  It certainly makes me smile————being a mother.

Although there were many Tears of Sorrow, especially in the Passion and Death of Her Son, Jesus, that we must consider, we try to focus on the Tears of Joy in this writing.

Now we focus on the Resurrection of Jesus.  Mary already knew that He would rise from the dead, as He had said.  Having this happen, His Mother, in great relief and gratefulness, certainly experienced many Tears of Joy.

With the Ascension of Jesus, most all of His followers were greatly saddened because their Messiah, Teacher and Dear Friend would be leaving them, although going to prepare a place for them in His Father’s Mansion.  More than likely, saddened to have Her Son leave earth, she knew that He would always be with Her and all of His followers.  Maybe Tears of Sadness—————but also of Joy.

When it came time for Mary to leave this earth, can you imagine Her Tear of Joy when Jesus comes to take Her to heaven?   

Then to be crowned as the Queen of Heaven and the Whole Universe?  More Tears of Joy.

We crown her with simple flowers as our Mother and Queen.   I’ll bet she also  sheds a Tear of Joy at those times, too.

So looking at Our Lady of the Tear of Joy photo,  I can’t help but think of all the times our Dear Blessed Mother probably experienced Tears of Joy.   It is a blessing to think that there were times of great joy in Her Life, in spite of all the hardships that she endured—————and what is now occurring in our world that prevents the Tear of Joy in her eye.

   Let us try to celebrate, console and pray without ceasing to Her, in hopes that we might for even a moment bring back that Tear of Joy.

These are just “some “of my thoughts in looking at Our Lady of the Tear of Joy photo. I could go on and on.

Thank You, Arrow, for giving us the photo and sharing the beautiful story of how it happened.  God Bless You in “doing Her Work” and involving us.

Love & Prayers to All.

Arlene Loehr (prayer warrior at the barn)



Arrow, David (my grandson), was talking to me about some issues in his life and I took the picture of Our Lady of the Tear of Joy and placed it on him and the picture became very warm – Mary


Arrow when you enlarge this picture you will see tears enlightened in green beads on the larger picture.These 2 pictures were being sent to the Denver area along with others to spread the devotion.
Kind Regards,



Arrow, I gave a woman named Josephine 4 of the pictures of Our Lady of the Tear of Joy about a month ago when I was at a life in the Spirit seminar.  She is in charge of a charismatic group from Brooklyn and I just saw her again.  She told me she gave one of the pictures of Our Lady of the Tear of Joy to one of her friends who has cancer and now the cancer is GONE!!  Praise Our Lord Jesus and thank you Blessed Mother Mary.  Jimmy – Brooklyn
My son Nick from Michigan had a 102.4 fever and cold New Years Eve 2017.   I, Paulette, his mother prayed over him while he held the Our Lady of the Tear of Joy picture to his chest.  His fever and 80{e5f6cb98aa570286f4fa6ed11bbf80f649193fed0274b1a3612ae9a747289dab} of his cold was gone the next morning and he was able to drive himself to Chicago for a job interview the morning of 1/2/18.
Hello, Last Monday when I mentioned that the Man at the meeting gave me The Lady with Tear of Joy .. I place Our Lady on the side of my knee discreetly.. I have had three knee replacements. The last surgery was a total replacement of a total knee replacement done in 2000  it was a horrid surgery since I could not take any Pain Meds because of near death from reaction during surgery,  my system could not handle any meds..  Last Nov I had  a terrible fall, it effected my new replacement, I have had pain every step & bend  I make… (gave it all up for the souls in pergatory, really helped me cope without compaint..or meds)… Then on Tue morn I woke up and no PAIN….I could bend, walk & even twist my leg…. Oh, could not even attempt to make that movement … to this day it is PAIN FREE… Thank You my Friend..



In April 2017, I went to a remote village in the central area of the Philippines with a  group from our Toledo Ohio parish to help rebuild areas still suffering from super typhoon Yolanda that claimed thousands of lives.

It was a very humbling experience as these people live a very simplistic and holy life. Clean running water and reliable electricity does not exist. The economy is based on farming crops like rice, potatoes and other tropical fruits.

The catholic church that we went to support and help rebuild was full of hope, trust and faith. A striking devotion to Our Mother was present everywhere. At the end of every mass  – they all faced a beautiful stained glass image of Mary and ended the mass with a special song to Her.

Inspired by this level of devotion – my connection to Our Mother has grown.

So I found a way to send packages to them. One way takes 70 days and the more expensive way can reduce it to 10 days but they have to drive 100 miles to pick these packages up.

In December, I sent a package over that included 100 images of Our Mother to the pastor Fr Felix.

Since there is no internet, I printed out a copy of the miracle image story for Father to read and know the  story behind the image.

Yesterday after mass they handed out the images and sent me this photograph (via cell phone) of the kids holding Our Lady….13,000 miles away.

Enjoy this beautiful picture……Steve

My name is Kelly and I’m sharing the story of my Father, Chuck, who is 84 and a survivor of a massive heart attack several years ago. About 2 weeks ago, he fell in his condo and my mother could not lift him up and he had to be transported by ambulance. After being treated for pneumonia and pain from his injuries he was laid up in bed for two weeks and transferred to the nursing home for rehab. Every day, we his children and our mother have been visiting him, trying to encourage him to get up out of bed. He was developing a bed sore and each day he lays in bed makes his recovery more difficult. As a member of a prayer group who is giving away the image of Our Lady of The Tears I received them two days ago, and knew this was our hope for a miracle. I laid the image on his forehead and began praying to Our Lady, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. During this time I prayed for his physical and spiritual healing – as his faith is very weak. I saw many beautiful saints and a white beam of light come down from heaven and enter his heart. I was told this was more for the removal of his doubts than anything else, for his doubts were blocking his healing. After a few minutes, the nurses aides took him down to physical therapy. Up until that moment he was not able to get out of his chair at all. When we joined them in the gym, he was pulling himself out of the chair with the help of the frame, and standing on his feet for the time in weeks! He was even strong enough to wheel himself around and use his feet to propel himself. His entire mood changed and he was smiling again and joking around when we left. The image of Our Lady gave him this gift: strength, hope, healing and joy. It was the miracle he needed to progress in healing and to be able to go home soon.
Thank you Jesus, Mary and the angels and saints! Kelly Hudson/Michigan

It seems we are always being tested. The job we want, friends new and old, family members agree or disagree. It seems that there are so many things that we are praying about. In the last 5 years I have felt like a child wandering thinking I had my focus and path but everything that I knew was upside down inside out and all confused. I was reminded of forgiving all who have trespassed against me. Send Gods love to them, and REALLY mean it. Things started to change I was not as lost but still not found. I was praying to be led by Gods will…then a friend gave me The photo of Our Blessed Mother Tear of Joy after the Children’s mass on Christmas Eve.WOW I saw her beautiful face and I have been so blessed. She has peeled away the layers so that I can get out of my ego and truly hear what I am to hear. Let go and Let God take care of me because we are all made in Gods likeness. Mary has no ego she is pure love! So I started to wonder with every situation What would Mary do if…and let me tell you I have been on my knees crying and with this photo I have been so moved Miracles have been happening! I have found a home that I can call my own. My health is strong, I am less sadden from worry. Things are not perfect but I know that our faith will move mountains if we do our part and remember it is not someone else fault we need to claim our part forgive the rest. Mary is there we just have to remember to trust and have faith like she had.True unconditional amazing love.

When friends call complaining about their life, I listen and then I think how would Mary handle this? I have become less judgmental more aware and pray that all can see just how blessed we are to have Mary as our Mother watching over us. Heaven on Earth
Open your heart she wants to come in!
Deborah // Idaho


Tuesday my niece Heather gave birth to little Catarina by c section she was 10pounds 8oz she is their 6th child. Baby girls sugars were so low she had to go straight to NICU prayers to everyone everywhere were praying, for a serious situation. My sister had a picture of Our Lady Tear of Joy and placed it in baby Cats incubator on Friday Feb 9th. The morning of Feb 10th the doctors were amazed. Caterina was no longer in danger. She was fine and went home to mommy, daddy and her 5 brothers and sisters.what a joyous beautiful miracle from Our beautiful Mother Thanku

 Susan from New York


In the beginning of January I had just received a picture of Our Lady Tear of Joy from a medugorje friend I have had insomnia for years  Was on ambien for years (sedative)I wanted to stop this medication I prayed to Our Lady and said “Mother,I promise I will stop taking this medication if you could please help me sleep at night” so I went to sleep that night surrendering everything,and very night since then I have slept ALL NIGHT LONG, so soundly now that’s a miracle.this is an addicting pill done,over,zzzzzzzzz !! Thank you Mother I can’t wait to see you again in Medugorje in May I love You Feb,2018 Susan  Albany NY


God Bless to all, I received in the mail today, a “hand written” letter from a woman named Rose Marie in Batesville Indiana.  She wrote me about 2 miracle stories and it reads as follows:

Dear Arrow, My friend received a Christmas card from Jerry in Falmouth Kentucky and it was your letter and a picture of Our Lady of the Tear of Joy.  I asked if I could borrow the picture and get copies made from it.  The picture copied was not very good, you couldn’t see the eyes or the Tear in the left eye, it was cloudy.  I had 20 copies made and was hesitant in giving out the picture because of the quality, but I believed in the Blessed Mother’s message concerning this picture.  I had them blessed and passed out to a few close friends, a few family members and to all of the prayer groups that I attend to regularly.  The prayer group all noticed you couldn’t see the eyes or the Tear.  Later that evening, the leader of our prayer group was saying his night prayers and glanced at the picture of Our Lady of the Tear of Joy on his stand and noticed something was going on with the picture so he picked it up.  He said he watched it become clearer and the tear in the left eye turned to a clear blue, then rolled down the cheek.  I called the next day about another matter and he told me what happened.  So I check my picture, it changed also.  So I called the rest and all 20 pictures had changed, including the one I copied from.  What a Blessing and Miracle!
Second Testament: A friend of mine, I had given the picture to, said he looked up the story of Our Lady of the Tear of Joy at his home.  When he was finished, he turned the computer off and left the room.  A little later his sister saw a glow coming from the room with the computer and thought he had forgot to turn off the computer.  She entered the room and saw on the screen an oval shape of miraculous medal fading and then disappeared.  She called out to her brother and told him what happened.  So he told her the story of the picture of Our Lady of the Tear of Joy and showed her the picture and she listened.  Normally she would walk away and have nothing to do with these kind of stories.  She is very skeptical, but I I believe the Blessed Mother knew this and showed her something she would believe in.  This is the first time she has experienced anything like this and is now more open to it.  Your friend and sister in Christ, Rose Marie
God Bless to all, Arrow >>>——–>
Tuesday 02/06/18 my daughter Heather gave birth to little Caterina by C section. She was 10.8pounds and is the sixth child.He sugars could not be regulated and she had to go straight to neonatal ICU .Prayers to everyone everywhere were praying for this serious situation.I know I had a picture of Our Lady Tear of Joy in my car that was some distance from hospital as I had Heathers car.So I left to get the picture remembering Our Ladys words of healing so I trekked in the snow(Syracuse NY) to get the picture and brought it back to the hospital and placed the picture in Catarinas incubator on Thur.I prayed with the older kids a decade of the rosary (as they have limited attention span!!) Friday morning the baby was absolutely back to normal blood sugars,the doctors were please and Catarina and mommy came home to daddy and 5 siblings.A joyous beautiful miracle from Our Beautiful Mother Thanku Jennifer Syracuse NY
 The first week of November 2017 my elderly father discovered he had a large cancer growth on his kidney.  This was a shock because he is so active. We also found out he had a heart condition.  As the surgery date approached my father was worried and fearful.  Arrow gave me the photo of our Lady of the tear of joy.  I gave it to my Dad and he slept on it placing in on his kidney the weeks before his surgery.  This gave him such a beautiful peace.
Well the surgery was very successful and against so many odds he made a full recovery.
I know our Lady was watching over him and he felt the prayers of so many. This was such a beautiful miracle.  Annette
________________________________________________________________________________________________________Arrow, my friend Sandy from Alabama and who I mailed 50 pictures of the Image of Our Lady, Tear of Joy said that her friend saw the face of Jesus in the tear of the Blessed Mother. Kathy / Michigan
 My brother  had surgery to remove growth. After surgery numb in right leg hospital still sent him home . Got up at night and fell broke his ankle in two places. Went back to hospital doctors told him he needed surgery and then go to a rehab center for weeks. I prayed over him with the picture of Mary healing image.  Next day went back to hospital . My brother told me didn’t need surgery or physical therapy just a boot or cast on ankle and leg not numb anymore.
God is good . Jean   Highland heights, ky

Hi Arrow, I wanted to share this with you.
#1)   Upon receiving my blessed Our Lady Tear of Joy images, I gave one to my 97 you grandmother who had been sick with pneumonia for 3 weeks.  She was on oxygen and was told she would probably have to be on it until her life ends. I gave her the image, told her briefly about the story and then asked her to pray the Memorare (she said she prays it everyday Smile emoticon) I put Mary’s image on her dresser which faces her. My grandmother can no longer see but I told her Mary was watching over her.  4 days later, I received a message that my grandmother no longer needs oxygen and is doing much better!
#2)  The days following my visit to my grandmother, I came down with a horrible chest and sinus cold and infection in my bronchioles. I take a lot of herbs so I think I was managing it for the time being but the mucus was still very sticky in my chest and not breaking up. I held Mary’s image on my chest and prayed the memorare multiple times. I prayed that Mary would break up the mucus and that I regain energy (bc I had been down for about 2 days). I woke up this morning without a heaviness in my chest. I still have the virus, but it is much more manageable now and I had more energy today!
#3)  My son was sick with the intestinal flu a couple of weeks ago. He had been vomiting all night and into the early morning. As he laid there looking lifeless, I used rose oil I had from Brother Carmelo’s ceremony last year and traced the sign of the cross on his forehead, shoulders and chest, laid Our Lady Tear of Joy next to him and said the memorare. A short time later, he was able to get up and actually had color and didn’t vomit after that!
Mary is so Awesome!! Some may chalk this up to coincidence, NOT me, I know Mary had a hand in each of those circumstances. 
Anyway, Just wanted to share this. Have a Blessed Day!       Lisa from Ohio

Had endoscopy/colonoscopy.  Prayed with picture ‘ Tears Of Joy’prayed the memorare all night.   I no longer have GERD  nor risk of BARROTS esophagus like before. Thank you Blessed Mother Tears of Joy.

Praise be Jesus Christ,  now and forever.   Mary, Mother of God thank you for your mantle of protection.
Janet / Ohio
Recently, I was hospitalized because my heart was stopping with no warning.  I broke my wrist during one of my falls.  After being admitted, they found abscesses on my liver for which they started antibiotics.  They also did a colonoscopy finding a mass which was 90{e5f6cb98aa570286f4fa6ed11bbf80f649193fed0274b1a3612ae9a747289dab} blocking my colon.  Meanwhile I had a visitor from my prayer group who brought me the picture of Our Lady tear of joy and instructed me to pray to her.  I immediately asked for her intercession for my healing.  Within a couple of weeks my liver was clear.  The doctor was planning a pace maker for my heart but because it wasn’t causing me to pass out anymore and I had no history of heart problems, he said it wasn’t necessary.  Meanwhile, every day I was praying to Our Lady tear of joy and thanking her for her intercession with her Son Jesus.  Before they operated on me to remove the diseased part of my colon they said I’d probably need a colostomy and my gall bladder removed.  Praise God, no colostomy and no gall bladder removed.  They removed all the lymph nodes they could see.  After testing, no cancer was in the lymph nodes.  I was certainly blessed and attribute my excellent results to Our Lady’s intercession.  Gail





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