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The mission of Our Lady of the Tear of Joy is under the spiritual direction of a Catholic priest.


You can download an image and print it yourself


You have the ability to acquire this image of Our Lady the following three ways:

(If you wish to order a beautiful glossy finish photo, choose option “2. FOR INTERNATIONAL ORDERS“, click on the link provided and choose the 2nd option from the left, Our Lady of the Tear of Joy Photo)

1. Prayer Cards produced by: Catholic Prayer Card Company – Tallahassee, Florida

For a extremely well done 3×4.5 prayer cards on a glossy heavy stock card paper with Our Lady’s image on the front and the Memorare Prayer on the back followed by a short description of the miracle story follow these instructions:

To order over the Internet:

Using your computer simply click on the below link. It will take you right to their website ordering page:


To order over the phone:

Phone orders: Call 850-385-6887 and requests CUSTOM CARD # 410523

Our staff will take your name, address and credit card info and process your order.

To order through the mail:

Mail a check or money order made payable to:

Catholic Prayer Cards, LLC

7134 Turtle Creek Lane

Tallahassee, FL 32312

Include their name & address and note that they want to order CUSTOM CARD # 410523

Prices for the prayer cards are as follows:

25        = $14.95 + $1.99 s/h

50        = $24.95 + $1.99 s/h

100      = $44.95 + $1.99 s/h

250      = $99.95 + $1.99 s/h

500      = $149.95 + $1.99 s/h

1000    = $199.95 + $1.99 s/h

2500    = $299.95 + $1.99 s/h

5000    = $399.95 + $1.99 s/h

10000  = $499.95 + $1.99 s/h

This prayer card may be produced in any language. Simply provide the translation through email using the ‘contact us’ page of this website and another custom card can be produced. Prices may vary on this request.


FOR ALL INTERNATIONAL ORDERS, click on the link to “Journey Deeper”
once you click on link, click on the picture “Our Lady of the Tear of Joy prayer cards”
and then, in the upper right corner of your screen, click on your own currency and place order



3. Download Image

If you are in a situation where mail is unreliable – you may download the image to your computer and print it on a local printer. Click on the link below to download and save to your computer. As printers vary by model, you will need to follow whatever local printer instructions.

CLICK HERE:  Blessed-Mother-5×7

Note:  Any Photo’s of Our Lady of the Tear MUST be Blessed by a Priest.. however if you are in a location where a priest is not available – Our Lady understands and will make it Holy.

For Testimonials, either Spiritual or Physical, email your story to: